BREAKING: Dem US Senator KNEW His Serial-Killer Daughter Was Chopping Up Men In His House

 Analise Marjorie Scott will most likely live out her days on the 322 lineal feet of the Delaware Department of Corrections’ death row. Scott, the daughter of US Senator James Montgomery, was found in possession of recordings that have been authenticated as proof that she murdered 14 young, black men, tore them limb from limb and fed them to her Komodo Dragon.
New evidence is now coming to light that Senator Montgomery not only knew about his daughter’s sick little hobby, he watched from his office on hidden cameras. Duplicates of each recording Analise made were found stored old school  on CD-ROMs in a hidden compartment under his desk.

Since the Senator was watching via the internet from Washington, the FBI had to get involved. Scott now faces federal charges if for some reason she can get away with it in Delaware, and Montgomery is looking at federal charges of everything from promoting snuff to conspiracy to commit murder.

One way or the other, no matter what way you cut it, Senator Jebediah James Terwilliger Montgomery will be the next Democrat to walk away from the United States Senate. In the end, they’ll all go down and Trump will still stand proud.

God bless America!!!


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