Obama’s Secret Plan Was Just Revealed – Specialists Say It Will Land Him IN PRISON For 20 Years

A lot of Americans consider Obama a criminal for a number of things. Opening up our borders, increasing the national debt, accepting undocumented immigrants as well as ex-convicts into welfare. However, all this time, he had been acting “legally safe”. Most of what he did was not really prosecutable, until now.

Back in 2012, Obama created OFA (Organization for Action)with the mission to push Obama’s legislative Agenda after Obama is gone. They denominate themselves bipartisan, non-associated by the democratic party and are privately funded.  This group actively organizes rallies and seek to undermine the government.

Just this would create groups for an official investigation on the charges of “sedition”. As Sedition is the crime of associating with the mission to undermine the authority of the government. While some people would say that this falls under the free speech right for the “normal citizen”. To say that Barack Obama is a “normal citizen” is a misportrayal of the truth.

Barack Obama is a former US President, therefore his words carry weight.

When Bush left the office, he was well aware that his participation in politics could destabilize the government. His political views were extremely opposite to Obama’s and yet he did the “right” thing and abstained himself from having an opinion as any other living president of the United States.

Just the existence of the OFA which has been actively rallying on his orders should be enough for the Sedition investigation. However, he has also met with several world leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel and Canada’s Justin Trudeau and recently had contact with France’s Macron.

Not a surprise that shortly after this Justin Trudeau sought to challenge Trump’s position on Immigration while Germany learned the European Union to distance their relationship from the United States.

Obama was just in Indonesia last week, a Muslim predominant country, and who knows who he was meeting there.

The most concerning thing is that Obama is not a politician. If Obama wanted to push an Agenda he could seek a seat in Congress and in Senate and would be bound by the rules of the seat. He is insisting of staying as a “freelance politician” which is just another word for sedition.

Just last week he released a page long memo against the Obamacare repeal which was filled with disgusting lies seeking to portray the Republicans as thieves.

The fact neither the Congress, nor the FBI is launching an investigation on him showcases just how biased they are.

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