Spike Lee Insults Gold Star Parents Right To Their Face, But The Father’s Response Shut Spike Lee Up For Good – NewsUpToday

Spike Lee is known for his ignorant and racist views, but one Gold Star family put him in his place at a town hall debate on CNN Wednesday night.

The parents of Staff Sgt. Louis Bonacasa confronted Spike Lee and explained to him that when these NFL players kneel for the national anthem, it’s slap in the face to military families.

“How do you support these multi-millionaires on their knees, and don’t support what the fallen heroes died for?” Mr. Bonacasa asked.

Spike Lee’s answer could not have been more condescending. Although he did apologize for their loss, Lee went on to tell the family how wrong they were for their feelings.

“All these players have said, many many times, that they respect the armed forces,” Lee said. “They respect the flag. And they respect America. And this narrative that when they take a knee, it’s insulting your son who is no longer here, is not true “

Mr. Bonacasa was clearly not satisfied with Spike Lee’s answer and asked a powerful follow up question.

“When North Korea aims a nuclear missile at us, are these “heroes” that you say, NFL players who can’t support our flag, are they gonna be on their knees when this happens, or are they gonna support our veterans?” he asked.

Spike Lee was taken by surprise and of course dodged the question by cowardly directing the conversation to Trump and insulting our President.

“Sir, I’m worried just as much about Donald Trump as that crazy guy in North Korea. And he has a nuclear code. I’m worried about that,” Lee said.

A panelist can be heard agreeing with Spike Lee’s disgusting anti-American comments.

I think it’s safe to say that Spike Lee embodies everything that is wrong with our country

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